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Feature in GO Magazine

The queer women's community of Austin, Texas has Kelly West (pictured right) and Michelle Solorzano Daly (pictured left) to thank for much of its vibrancy. West (Lesbutante) is an experienced event professional, while Daly (The Boss) is a Purple Heart Army veteran and MBA grad. “As we watched the last of the lesbian bars close in this city, we knew we had to do something,” the couple says. “It wasn’t about the money; it was about the community and securing a space for queer women. We made the decision when we started this business that our monthly events would always be free, ensuring that every-one always has access to them, and as a way to serve our LGBTQ community.” One of the benefits of their profession is being able to observe the effect of all their hard work. “We have an upstairs area at our events that looks out over the dance floor. We always sneak away a couple hours into the event and look at the crowd. We have a sense of awe watching this incredible community of women.” A big project coming up is Plezzure Island (, “the only all-female resort takeover in Texas,” happening September 29-October 2. You can check out more about this dynamic duo at –GH

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